Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6-30-2010 - Today's Hotness (House / Hip Hop): "Full Moon" - Armand Van Helden feat. Common.

Amazing party track right here. I still get hype to it from time to time...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-2-2009. (Dubstep): "Street Fighter Remix" - Tek Step

Do you like Street Fighter? Do you like Dubstep? BAM! Best of both worlds...a Dubstep remix of the Volcano Stage of Street Fighter 4! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-1-2009. (Dubstep): "Cockney Thug" - Rusko.

Not all Dubstep is inherently dark and scary sounding...This here is one of the first dubstep tracks I really got into (but not the first I ever heard...that was 3Klane) and I still like it now...Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 10-31-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Two Sword Technique)" - Photek.

Another one of the Classics...get on this one...I mean, there's even Samurai and Sword can you go wrong? You can't! Peep this track and Enjoy the fuck out of it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6-29-2010 - Today's Hotness (Jazz of some sort): "Jazz Potato" - Mr. Scruff.

A really smooth track right here...Groove to it on the dance floor, and enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-30-2009. (House): "Gotta Have More Cowbell" - NAPT.

Yes, it's exactly what you think it is...and it is awesome. Classic track...shuffle to it...break to it...groove to it, then go back to your grind enlightened by the beat. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-29-2009. (Electro-what-the-fuck): "Switchblade" - HeartsRevolution.

(IF YOU HAVE EPILEPSY, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! I AM NOT JOKING!) This track right here has a really strange groove to it...The vocals go perfectly...just a wild track in general. I really like it, you might too! (Note: This track is actually the "Battle Anthem or something" for Katie Gilliland, aka Switchblade.EXE...yeah, after this very track)

(Other note: The footage in this video isn't a performance of "Switchblade"...don't ask me what it really is, because I don't know.)

Facebook Archives: 10-28-2009. (Breaks-ish): "Play with Fire" - The Qemists.

Um...yeah, so This track is pimp as hell...fierce bass and a strong beat. I know you were expectin' the "Chicago" track...but apparently no one bothered to upload "Chicago" by State of Mind on any video I think I might have to take matters into my own damn hands...Enjoy this track though...

Monday, June 28, 2010

6-28-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Down" - Gemini.

Heard this banger on one of the Barcode Filthcasts. Really sick track right here, get down and enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-27-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Houston" - Jae Kennedy, Kaos, Karl K.

Part two of my "Biographical journey via Drum & Bass thingie"...this one is in Houston, TX. This is the city I grew up in...where many of the most important people in my life and memories OF my life are. 14 years of Joy, Pain, Life... Lessons, Rivalries, and all kinds of other shit happened here. For everyone I know in Houston still, or knew me from my time there...this is a VERY SPECIAL Track for y'all.

Facebook Archives: 10-25-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Soul Beat Runna" - Boymerang.

One of the true classics, although honestly...I wasn't feelin' the whole album when I got it...maybe I should give it a revisit...? Regardless, this is the first track off the album, "Balance of the Force" (his only album, actually)...and it's ...a damn good one. It came on while I was at work yesterday and I thought I'd share it with y' Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-24-2009. (Digital Hardcore): "Generation Fuck You" - Schizoid.

Gotta change it up and get this shit aggressive! This track is dedicated to a certain circle of friends I have here in the Chi-town I lovingly refer to as "The Misfit Toys"...they know who they are...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

6-27-2010 - Today's Hotness (Metal): "Death Fight on the Neon" - Namco Sound Team

My favorite stage and track from Tekken 6, a truly intense track that definitely fits the action. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-23-2009. (Dance): "Vamp" - Outlander.

I felt like kickin' it OLD SCHOOL today. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-22-2009. (Rock): "Tonight, Tonight" - The Smashing Pumpkins.

The Smashing Pumpkins. It's my best friend Seans Birthday today...and this is his favorite band, so Todays Track of the day is for Him. Deal with it...but Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-21-2009. (Techno): "Atom Bomb" - Fluke.

Old school badassery from my AMP days. This track was actually for the racing game series, "wip3out" (as in "Wipeout", not "whip three out"...also, its DEAD MOUSE [Deadmau5], not "Dead Mow Five"...get it right!)...a series I loved the look of, but could never quite get ...into...just always felt odd to me. Enjoy the fuck out of this track's a classic!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

6-26-2010 - Today's Hotness (Glitch Hop): "Blow" - Bassnectar.

My homegirl Robyn tipped me off to this one. I had no clue Bassnectar put it down like this...I think y'all will enjoy this one a lot.

Facebook Archives: 10-20-2009. (Drum & Bass / Hip Hop): "Na Blood" - Eksman, Shortston, Herbzie.

This track is so Ill...this is how the UK does it, and they do it well, damn it! This is the kind of track you play when you're rollin' deep with your crew with about 4 cars between y'all while speedin' down the highway doin' 90 on a 55 '...cause Fuck those other drivers, right? Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-19-2009. (House / Drum & Bass): "Vandals" - Dirtyphonics.

A special Banger...this one goes out to the old school motherfuckers that were in RaveRiot (They know who they are)...This track brings the briefcase to the NOT sleep on're missing out if you do! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-18-2009. (House): "The Spell" - Feed Me (Spor)

Drum & Bass DJ, Spor, has this house alter ego called Feed Me, and this is the sound he produces when he's under that name. This track right here? This shit is serious dance floor know I'm right. Enjoy it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

6-25-2010 - Today's Hotness (R&B): "Colleen" - The Heavy.

Givin' y'all a smooth one today. I was really feelin' this track when I first got it...still like it now. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-17-2009. (Dubstep): "Murder" - Vaski.

Plotting revenge? Schemin' for the Dollaz? Gonna wreckstep a bitch? Just plain feeling sinister as fuck? This is the track when you're gonna make some evil shit jump with their minds...toy with their emotions...Dubstep will take you to some dark places...Enjoy the track though, Vaski is a fuckin' PIMP!

Facebook Archives: 10-16-2009. (Big Beat-ish): "Elektrobank" - The Chemical Brothers.

Chemical Brothers- Elektrobank
Uploaded by hushhush112. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

So Maurice Sendak's book "Where the Wild Things Are" got turned into a
movie. Spike Jonze Directed that movie...and it comes out today. This
video here was also directed by him, so I'm posting it to celebrate the
movie's release. This is probably one of my all time Favorite Chemical
Brothers tracks just gets you so HYPED for life! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-15-2009. (House): "Check This Out" - Cyberpunkers.

Epic banger...Rally the troops and roll deep to the dance floor when this one jumps off. Cyberpunkers are not to be slept on and this one proves it! Enjoy it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

6-24-2010 - Today's Hotness (Indie? Folk?): "Casper the Friendly Ghost" - Daniel Johnston.

I was watching "Kids" earlier this morning...that movie still holds up! Anyways...I picked this track because of how it contrasts the scene it appears in, and if you've seen the movie, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

Facebook Archives: 10-14-2009. (Drum & Bass / Hip Hop): "Dirty Beats (Video Edit)" - Roni Size / Reprazent.

C' can you knock this one? Classic track off a classic album and BASS CANNONS! MOTHERFUCKING BASS CANNONS! Enjoy this shit.

Facebook Archives: 10-13-2009. (Old School Breakbeat?): "Lovely" - Wagon Christ.

Pullin' another video out of my AMP past. Catchy tune mixed with two fat old ladies having a supermarket rumble leads to hilarity. Hey, I can't always leave you with static pictures, now! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-12-2009. (House): "Messiah (Computer Club & Le Castle Vania Remix)" - Konflict

Track two of Dieselboy's "The 6ixth Session", probably his greatest mix ever gets a majestic remix by Computer Club (Gigantor of Evol Intent) and Le Castle Vania! This is such a serious banger, no joke. The perfect track for and your crew when you storm the club...when this track is your anthem it can only mean one thing...SHIT JUST GOT REAL! Enjoy it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6-23-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Knite Riderz" - Matrix & Futurebound.

Great use of the Knight Rider theme here. I think this track is a classic, so Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 10-11-2009. (Dubstep): "TikTak" - Reso

Kinda Dubstep, Kinda Chiptune, Kinda Glitchy, but all badass regardless. One of my favorite Dubstep tracks...and Reso is quite the producer, don't sleep on him, y'all. Know what? This should be in like, a Puzzle game or something...I can totally see droppin' blocks... on bitches while some cutesy avatar is yellin', "YATTA!" and shit as I wreck shop...enjoy this one!

Facebook Archives: 10-10-2009. (House): "Seven Stitches" - Noisia.

Who knew something so enigmatic and sinister could be such a club banger? Probably one of my favorite tracks by these producer/DJ's...don't ever sleep on Noisia..ever. Enjoy this shit, y'all...

Facebook Archives: 10-9-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Glock Party" - Evol Intent.

One of my favorite DJ groups out right now...these motherfuckers produce some serious shit, and this is as serious as it gets (and then some!). Raise your guns to the sky on this one...Enjoy it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6-22-2010 - Today's Hotness (Dubstep): "Tigerlily" - La Roux feat. Rusko.

So I was lookin' for the "Hold the Line" video by Major Lazer to post up on a thread in Gamespite's "Talking Time" forum, and I came across this track, which I thought was pretty damn awesome. Had to share it with you all...enjoy it!

Also found out that La Roux was behind that one catchy song I had heard someone playing some random's called, "Bulletproof"...check that one out too, if you haven't already.

Facebook Archives: 10-8-2009. (Tech-Funk): "Superthruster" - Sly & Robbie

This track is buck nice. Steady and calculated, somethin' to cruise to. I remember seeing this video on AMP ...(I still have it on tape, if memory serves) and being amazed by it. The graphics are awesome and everything thats going on here fits the track perfectly. Also if I remember correctly, this video was the first time I ever saw Cel-Shaded 3d graphics...and this was before Jet Set Radio came out. (Or at least, before Kenji got the inferior Japanese version with the fucked up Yo-Yo mission...) Enjoy this one, y'all!

Facebook Archives: 10-7-2009. (House): "Starter" - Boys Noize.

This one could also be considered "Nu Disco"...despite the strange instrumentation, it's still got a great sound and beat to'll have no problem breakin' it down to this one!

Facebook Archives: 10-6-2009. (Drum & Bass): "California (Club Mix)" - Danny Byrd & Zarif

A fucking GREAT track I picked up last week. Uplifting melody, soulful vocals, a beat that keeps you alive, and a cool story within the lyrics! If you're feeling shitty, this will lift you up. If you're already feeling good, this will keep you there. Don't sleep on this one, people...enjoy it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

6-21-2010 - Today's Hotness (Dubstep): "Look into my Eyes" - Planas.

A Beautifully chilled track right here. Big ups to my friend John Waddell, as today is his birthday.

Facebook Archives: 10-5-2009. (Breaks): "Sex & Drugs" - Slyde.

A fun track I like to listen to from time to time...and a hilarious official video to go with it. Enjoy this one, y'all!

Facebook Archives: 10-4-2009. (Dubstep): "Swagga" - Datsik & Excision.

A new track I got a few days ago...I love that Swagga sample...That beat is that bass...this one you gotta play when you're feelin' REALLY good about yourself, and you walk with rhythm...get your Swagga on. This track is for my homegirl Lexi tho...ugh...also known as Amazon.EXE. (We're siblings in arms when it comes to Drum & Bass/ Jungle) Hope you enjoy it, Lexi...and hope the rest of y'all do as well!

Facebook Archives: 10-3-2009. (Techno): "EXTRA (Video Edit)" - Ken Ishii.

This is a special one, from my childhood. I was a 6th grader back in Houston when I first saw this video...back when MTV was still playing videos and had an awesome (yet terribly mishandled) show called "AMP" which played videos of Various forms of EDM (Electronic Dance... Music...this is also the show that introduced me to Atari Teenage Riot...imagine that...) Simple pulsing beat. Futurist Melody...awesome visuals...this is a historic beauty. To my Anime loving, cosplaying, con attending friends: THIS IS NOT AN AMV. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR THE TRACK YOU ARE LISTENING TO. IT WAS ALSO THE BASIS FOR THE ALBUM ART (Jelly Tones, look it up...or just ask me for it, as I own it). I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT AN AMV AND WAS NOT FOR ANY ANIME SERIES OR MOVIE! SO, NO STUPID QUESTIONS! Thanks, and enjoy this classic!

Facebook Archives: 10-2-2009. (Breaks): "Ghetto UK" - Splitloop.

This one makes the streets pulse, a true club banger. I've been playin' this one a lot recently, and I think some of y'all might like this one too! Don't sleep on Splitloop.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

6-20-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "0121" - DJ Hazard.

Raw as hell right here. This track brings the briefcase, that serious business. Do not sleep on this track, enjoy it!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook Archives: 10-1-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Los Angeles" - Gridlok.

Gritty, Raw, Haunting. Gridlok is gonna take you for one hell of a tour of Los Angeles, his way...and you will be nothing but a slave to the pumping bassline and thug samples. This Track is so damn god tier it's not even funny. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 9-30-2009. (House) "I Think I Like It" - Fake Blood

Do not sleep on Fake Blood...this track is groovy and infectious...perfect for the drive or the dance floor, or fuck it...even the Skating Rink. Enjoy it!