Monday, June 21, 2010

Facebook Archives: 10-3-2009. (Techno): "EXTRA (Video Edit)" - Ken Ishii.

This is a special one, from my childhood. I was a 6th grader back in Houston when I first saw this video...back when MTV was still playing videos and had an awesome (yet terribly mishandled) show called "AMP" which played videos of Various forms of EDM (Electronic Dance... Music...this is also the show that introduced me to Atari Teenage Riot...imagine that...) Simple pulsing beat. Futurist Melody...awesome visuals...this is a historic beauty. To my Anime loving, cosplaying, con attending friends: THIS IS NOT AN AMV. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR THE TRACK YOU ARE LISTENING TO. IT WAS ALSO THE BASIS FOR THE ALBUM ART (Jelly Tones, look it up...or just ask me for it, as I own it). I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT AN AMV AND WAS NOT FOR ANY ANIME SERIES OR MOVIE! SO, NO STUPID QUESTIONS! Thanks, and enjoy this classic!

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