Sunday, October 30, 2011

10-30-2011 - Bonus Hotness (Dubstep): "Rumble" - Grumblex.

So, when I was at the Skream & Benga Show last week, I decided to take some random footage when I was really close to the DJ booth...and the second clip I recorded (See the clip here..note that there are STUPID levels of bass here...'cause I was standing right in front of the fucking sub woofers), Benga dropped this heavy hitter right here...but at the time, I had never heard of it. After I posted the clip to my Youtube, some random peeps that viewed it commented and told me what the song was. Yo, this dude, Grumblex, is only 16 years old, and I got to catch his track get dropped live by two of the founding fathers of Dubstep, and the crowd going WILD over it. That's got to be amazing for the kid, and I'm glad I was (unintentionally) a part of that. You can get the track for free on his Soundcloud page, too! Keep it up, kid! Everyone else, enjoy it!

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