Sunday, March 6, 2011

3-6-2011 - SAVEPOINT SUNDAY! (Chiptune / VGM): "Leo! Leo!" - Konami Sound Team.

So this is kickin' off a new theme-day series I wanted to try out, based on video game music specifically. This first one is about a very special boss battle and was kind of inspired by Joe Drilling / Shakewell's (of the "On The Stick" Website and Podcast) video where he compares the differences between two versions of Life Force / Salamander.

Now, before we get to the actual track I'm waxin' poetic about...I gotta explain where it came from.

This is "Music 9" from the NES version of Gradius. I'm sure most of you remember it, but for those who don't...this track plays midway through the first level. You're trapped between two erupting volcanoes spewing a constant stream of lava rocks, and you need to blast 'em all or else you will die. Despite this track bein' sparse, it does its job in conveying the urgency the situation presents to you.

Now we have "Music 3"...this track accompanies a level that has a strong technology theme all through it. This track definitely sets the mood just right.

...But, what happens when you combine these two tracks and add a pumping techno beat and various orchestral sounds?

This. Probably one of the greatest cameos ever, this is the music that plays when you fight the Vic Viper (The ship you pilot in all of the Gradius games) itself in "Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner". Leo Steinbuck, the main character from the first game is the pilot of Vic Viper, and he's grown into quite the skilled runner. You, as Dingo Egret, are piloting the Orbital Frame, Jehuty, which was in fact originally piloted by Leo in the first game. Leo is pissed that you have Jehuty, and he wants it back! This track that scores the battle perfectly meshes the frantic nature of "Music 9" with the technology influenced "Music 3" while still adding something new. Definitely a classic track from a classic game. Enjoy it!

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