Saturday, July 31, 2010

7-31-2010 - Today's Hotness (Punk): "Bored of Television" - The Methadones.

Really cool punk track I heard on the bonus soundtrack to the Autobiographical graphic novel, "My Life in a Jugular Vein", by Ben Snakepit. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-12-2010. (Hip Hop Instrumental): "High Noon" - DJ Shadow.

Badass track. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-12-2010. (Trip Hop): "Rabbit in Your Headlight" - UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke.

I felt like it...the video popped into my head. That dude is creepy, but I want his cheat code. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-11-2010. (Dubstep): "When I Look at You" - EmalKay

Birthday wishes to Courtney Almen, chapter 1 of the Almen Trilogy. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-11-2010. (Hip Hop): "Rhymes Like Dimes" - MF Doom.

Also known as "Madvillain"...this one right here is one of his classic tracks. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-10-2010. (Hip Hop): "Metaphysical" - Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Miho Hatori and Mike D.

Chill out and get your mind right, folks. Enjoy it!

Friday, July 30, 2010

7-30-2010 - Today's Hotness - (Drum & Bass): "Gunman" - Dub Foundation.

Some of that raw Drumstep sound for y'all today...get down on this one. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-9-2010. (Electronica): "Sugar is Sweeter" - CJ Bolland feat. Jade 4 U.

What the hell is going on in this video? Drugs...thats whats going on in this video. Old school banger from the AMP days...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-9-2010. (House): "P-Funk Skank" - Udachi.

This is an EXPLOSIVE banger...holy fuck. I see you noddin' your head...go on and do the rest. Break it the fuck DOWN today, fuck the snow! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-8-2010. (Happy Hardcore): "Saint Goes Marching (Remix)" - The Saint.

New Orleans Saints won the Super with it. NoLa is mad excited. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-7-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Reality Checkpoint" - Logistics.

What're the odds, right John Raymond Castellanos-Waddell? Everyone else, Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-7-2010. (Math Rock): "New Wave Jacket" - Polysics.

Birthday wishes to Kristina French. Track is abstract and whimsical as fuck, much like Kristina and the art she creates...enjoy it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

7-29-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Chic" Futurebound vs. Camo & Krooked.

God fuckin' damn! Camo & Krooked team up with Futurebound to bring out this AMAZING track right here! Enjoy this one, y'all!

Facebook Archives: 2-6-2010. (Hip Hop, Drum & Bass): "Child of the Wild West" - Roni Size feat. Cypress Hill.

Birthday wishes to Spencer Curry. This track is sick and the video for it is hilarious...all hail the funkamedics! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-5-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Togetherness (2009 Edit Mix)" - DJ Marky & Makoto.

Birthday wishes to Kenni Smith. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-5-2010. (House) - "For Sale" - Buy Now.

Strange name for a DJ, but whatever...this track is sick. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-4-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Fire Bun" - Tony Anthem & Erb N Dub feat. SMK & Navigator.

Fierce track right here...Blast this one when you roll deep with your homeboys and homegirls. Enjoy it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7-28-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Error" - Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

Well hot damn! Drumsound & Simon "Bassline" Smith have to be one of the strongest alliances in Drum & Bass...this one makes the night come alive! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-3-2010. (House): "Maximum Joy" - Shinichi Osawa.

Here's the original because it's not bad either (I heard the remix first.) Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-3-2010. (House): "Maximum Joy (Van She Remix)" - Shinichi Osawa.

This track is so fuckin' PIMP! Take it with you on your lunch break so you can break it the fuck DOWN! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-2-2010. (Hip Hop): "Certified" - Diverse.

Pimp ass track off of the Tony Hawk Underground 2 soundtrack (had it on the was a good time killer). Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-1-2010. (Hip Hop): "Goliath (El-P Remix)" - The Mars Volta.

Birthday wishes to Volta.EXE / Alex Gomory. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-1-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Bonus Level" - Dirtyphonics.

Happy Belated Birthday to Debug.EXE / Daniel Loane . Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 2-1-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Rainbows of Colour" - Grooverider.

Happy birthday to Natalia Shatrova. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7-27-2010 - Today's Hotness (Chillout): "Crimewaves" - Cloak & Dagger.

Somethin' I found today when I was music huntin'. Such a smooth track right here! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-31-2010. (Digital Hardcore): "Econobeing" - The Shizit.

Such a great band gone too of the few that made Digital Hardcore look GOOD, because lets face it...a whole lot of it was just unlistenable noise. Could this very well be the battle anthem of Raze.EXE / Kyra Almén? Who knows! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-30-2010. (Breakcore): "Come on My Selector" - Squarepusher.

This video is hilarious, and the track is interesting. Note that all the actors are Japanese, yet speaking English, and then are DUBBED IN JAPANESE!?! Whatever, anyways...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-29-2010. (Hip Hop Instrumental): "GNG BNG" - Flying Lotus.

Something a little bit easier to listen to, I guess...Hey, yo, Mandey Mothersbaugh, what do you think? Everyone else, Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-29-2010. (Digital Hardcore): "Burn the Shit Down!" - Bomb20

Because FUCK YOU, thats why. Enjoy it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

7-26-2010 - Today's Hotness (Techno): "Ideal" - Kelli Ali

The original vocalist for The Sneaker Pimps went off and did some solo work...found this track while I was postin' up the last archive for today. It ain't bad at all. Sounds like somethin' you'd hear in some Post-Apocalyptic movie or some shit. Would say "cyberpunk", but that shit is pretty much dead, it seems. Anyways, enjoy this one!Kelli

Facebook Archives: 1-28-2010. (Trip Hop): "6 Underground" - The Sneaker Pimps.

Yup. Enjoy it.

Facebook Archives: 1-28-2010. (Hip Hop): "Book of Judges" - Pharoahe Monch.

When great soundtracks happen to crappy games...This amazing track was found on, "Marc Ecko's: Getting Up - Contents Under Pressure". Great Idea, terrible execution. Regardless, check this track out...because I love it. You might love it too. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-27-2010. (Dubstep): "Armored Core" - Reso.

Reso is the shit, don't you agree, Lexi? Everyone else, Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-27-2010. (Trip Hop): "Only You" - Portishead.

Ominous and haunting yet somehow soulful in a very subtle way. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-26-2010. (Big Beat): "Voodoo People (The Chemical Brothers Remix)" - The Prodigy.

Spencer Curry, already know. Everyone else...bang to this classic remixed it's a completely different track. Enjoy it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

7-25-2010 - Today's Hotness (Dubstep): "Zealot" - Broken Note.

Pretty much the battle anthem of Alexis Montclaire / Shatter.EXE...Dark and violent buildup to a heavy hitting beat massacre. Broken Note knows what the fuck is up. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-25-2010. (Jazz): "Hard Boiled" - A.Y.B. Force.

So I was at work playin' this track a while back, and Robbie Marcus was all like, "Man, if I owned a Martini Bar, I'd be blastin' this shit all NIGHT!" Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-24-2010. (Electronica): "I Am Home" - Massive Attack.

Straight off of the "Unleashed"/"Danny the Dog" soundtrack, this is the track that played during the final big fight scene of the movie. Cool movie, great soundtrack, enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-23-2010. (Drum & Bass / Hip Hop): "Barrier Break (Infiltrata & Hochi Remix)" - Dieselboy & Kaos feat. Messinian.

I remember this one time, I was chillin' with Mandey Mothersbaugh and some dude she was dating and we were my car 'cause I was playin' Taxi and shit. So, this very track comes on and she's all like, "Yo, this is nice, what is this?" and BAM...look at her now. Enjoy it!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

7-24-2010 - Today's Hotness (House): "Can't Shake This Feeling" - GRUM.

Was chillin' with my homeboy Lee (of Dash Cunning, check 'em out), and he showed me this video. Cool ass track, and HILARIOUS video to go with it...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-22-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Temper Temper" - Goldie.

Really though...this is how I've been feelin' for a good while now...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-22-2010. (Hip Hop Instrumental): "Overnight" - Hudson Mohawke.

Party's's time to go home...3 AM and the streets are all yours. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-20-2010. (Hip Hop): "Ante Up" - M.O.P..

Fucking classic track right of my personal "anthems for life" or some shit. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-19-2010. (House): "Dance in Dark" - Proxy.

This one goes out to Michelle Cranford living it up in Vegas and shit...break it down, girl! Enjoy it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

7-23-2010 - Today's Hotness (Breaks): "Fire" - Wizard & Deekline feat. Yolanda.

Great track to break it down to. IF you can find the Adsorb Remix of this track, I highly recommend that as well. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-17-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Pimp Slap" - Shimon, Moving Fusion, & Ant Miles.

I guess this is what happens when you infuse a little funk into some Drum & Bass. This is the Battle Anthem of Amanda Mothersbaugh a.k.a. Haze.EXE (or Lil Haze...). Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-16-2010. (Dubstep): "Whistle Choon" - Bassbin Twins.

So Chill, yet so Ill...enjoy it!

Edit: The video I had originally linked to is gone. All I could find if the official upload by the Bassbin Twins themselves. However, they cut out the last minute and 45 seconds of the song. I'm sorry.

Facebook Archives: 1-15-2010. (House): "It Ain't Love" - MSTRKRFT feat. Li'l Mo.

Oh fuck yes...ladies night anthem right here, but due to recent events...this one goes out to @Stephanie Hubert (Listen to the'll make sense.). Enjoy it!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

7-22-2010 - Today's Hotness (Techno): "Death is the Only Way Out" - Joseph Bishara

So as we all know, a new Mortal Kombat game is coming out. Let's see if this one is any good. This track right here plays during probably the most enjoyable part of the second MK movie, "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation", when Sonya and Jax fight Cyrax (my favorite character in the series). Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-14-2010. (Drum & Bass): "6 Feet" - Gein feat. Silent Killer & Breaker.

An extra special birthday gift to the lovely @Lexi...Keep on rockin', girl. Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 1-14-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)" - Sigma.

A lot of birthdays today...this one goes out to all of y'all gettin' another year older and wiser. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-13-2010. (VGM): "Jungle Bouncer" - SNK Sound Team.

Postin' up the Brazil Team's (Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Heidern) Theme from KoF 1994 so y'all can hear the similarity (Faith No More came first!). Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 1-13-2010. (Metal): "Surprise, You're Dead!" - Faith No More.

Why? Because Matthew Barabas wearing a cap reminds me of Clark Still from the King of Fighters Series. Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 1-12-2010. (House): "Damn Girl (The Funk Out Mix)" - Jon-E Industry.

Felt like doin' another one. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-12-2010. (Electronica): "Exotic Talk" - RJD2.

A Celebratory track for @Amanda Mothersbaugh being inspired to do her own Track of the Day sheeeeeeeiiiiiiiit. Big Ups to Haze.EXE. Enjoy it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7-21-2010 - Today's Hotness (Digital Hardcore): "Rage" - Atari Teenage Riot feat. Tom Morello.

Decided to post this one up based on a conversation I was havin' with a friend on OKCupid. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-11-2010. (Drum & Bass): "The Portal (Basher Remix)" - Juggernaut.

This one goes out to John Raymond Castellanos-Waddell because I said so god damn it. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-10-2010. (House): "Flat Beat" - Mr. Oizo.

One of the fuckin' classics right're probably wondering where the fuck you remember Flat Eric (the puppet in the video) from...he and the track were popularized by some old Levis commercials for their "Stay-Prest" line of clothing. Enjoy it! (P.S. The Producers name is pronounced, "Mr. Wah-Zoh")

Facebook Archives: 1-9-2010. (House / Hip Hop): "WTF (Tim Healy & Deekline Remix)" - Tittsworth feat. Kid Sister & Pase Rock.

Banger. End of story. Enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7-20-2010 - Today's Hotness (Hip Hop / Drum & Bass): "Contact" - Foreign Beggars feat. Noisia.

Fuckin' awesome track by Foreign Beggars. Noisia helps out with a sick ass beat up in this bitch too! Rock this one when you roll out today and enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-8-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Rhyno" - Receptor.

This one will grab you by your neck with one hand and lift you up, shake you til' you shit yourself and toss you aside like garbage. This track is NO FUCKING JOKE! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-7-2010. (House): "Love Yourself (Basti & Vincenzo Remix)" - Blue Six feat. Lysa.

Get Past the groove and you get really depressing lyrics, but's still a really good track. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-6-2010. (House): "Bleep" - Sandy W.

This track came on at work a while back at random when Robbie started workin' at my job, and he was like "this dude is amazing." Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-6-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Bad Chemistry" - Gein

This could very well be Amazon.EXE's battle anthem...Lexi, what do you think? Everyone else, Enjoy it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

7-19-2010 - Today's Hotness (Dubstep): "Roots Music" - Planas

Gonna take it easy today...chill out to this deep track right here. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-5-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Warning (D*Minds Remix)" - DJ Prime Cuts feat. Dynamite MC.

Fucking sick banger right here...throw your hands in the air on this one! BULLETS BULLETS!!! BULLETS BULLETS!!! BUUUUULLLLLLETS!!! BDDDDDDDAH!!! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-4-2010. (House): "Food for the Rude Noises" - Interspeed

It's Monday, suit up for the big battle known as "surviving life". If you're gonna survive, at least survive to a good soundtrack. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-3-2010. (Hip Hop): "We G's" - Kool G Rap & Prinz.

Nice use of the Battle music know this shit is good. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-3-2010. (Rock): "Tip the Scales" - Rise Against.

My favorite track by them...easily. Anime Fans get a bonus treat, as this is a Final Fantasy 7AC "AMV". Enjoy it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

7-18-2010 - Today's Hotness (Hip Hop Instrumental): "Towerblock Trash" - Dub Pistols.

Popped up on my playlist at work last night...Still a damn fine track off of their "Point Blank" album. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-2-2010. (Drum & Bass): "Schrander's Dice" - Ed Rush & Optical

Yup...the hotness right here...kinda has an ominous melody to go with the's an interesting listen. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 1-1-2010. (House): "Digital Doom 2010" - Hatiras.

It's a new year...lets get this shit poppin' the right way, alright? Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-31-2009. (Hip Hop Instrumental): "Boom Bap Reinstated" - Gramatik

Holy fuckin' shit this producer is a Wreckstepper...for real. Street Bangerz Vol. 2? Every track is good. EVERY. FUCKING. TRACK. Enjoy it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

7-17-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Reincarnation" - Camo & Krooked.

Camo & Krooked push out another masterpiece. These two never fail to disappoint...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-30-2009. (Hip Hop): "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)" - Jay-Z.

Because...FUCK Auto tune, right?

Facebook Archives: 12-30-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Red Raider" - Urban Assault.

DJ Faust and DJ Shortee come together as Urban Assault and make some seriously lethal tracks. This one is still their best to me...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-29-2009. (Drum & Bass): "PSI Investigation" - Current Value.

Sick ass track right here...fight to it...RIOT TO IT! Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 12-28-2009. (Industrial): "March of the Pigs" - Nine Inch Nails.

Probably my all time favorite track by Trent Reznor and Friends...enjoy it!

Friday, July 16, 2010

7-16-2010 - Today's Hotness (House): "Perfect Combination" - Kill the Noise.

Ewun puts down another classic club banger under his "Kill the Noise" Alias. If you know what's good for you, you will bump this all day. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-17-2009. (House): "Discotirso" - Knightlife.

Heavenly beats for you...are you dancing yet? Do you have a soul? Yes? Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 12-26-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Without You" - Original Sin.

Massive banger over here...the latest from Original Sin. Break it the fuck down to this shit! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-15-2009. (Hip Hop): "Christmas in Hollis" - RUN-DMC.

Another classic christmas tune for y'all. Jam Master Jay R.I.P. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-25-2009. (Hip Hop): "Santa's Rap" - The Treacherous Three.

Just a funny one for y'all for Christmas seen in the movie, "Beat Street". Enjoy it!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7-14-2010 - Today's Hotness (Dubstep): "Warning" - Ajapai.

A new track I found a few days ago. Really sick tune, and I love the Sci-Fi whistle sound you hear in it. Enjoy this one!

Facebook Archives: 12-21-2009. (Dance): "Groove is in the Heart" - Dee Lite.

Fuck you, this track is God Tier. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-21-2009. (Chillout): "Technova" - Towa Tei

An amazing track from the former DJ for Deeee-Lite. (you know..."Groove is in the Heart"...probably one of the GREATEST FUCKING SONGS IN THE WORLD EVER. EVER!) Very mellow...very groovy, and boy do I need to be Mellow and groovy today...Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-20-2009. (Dubstep): "Mask of Gas" - Broken Note.

Holy shit. No, seriously...Holy fucking shit oh my god this is so good. Beyond sinister, this shit is Apocalyptic! Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 12-19-2009. (Hip Hop): "How Low" - Ludacris.

Uh...I never even heard this one before, but it's pretty cool...enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7-13-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Battle Axe" - Fortress & Catacomb.

Heavy hittin' track for y'all to get hyped on. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-19-2009. (Hip Hop): "To Protect and Entertain" - Busy P feat. Murs.

Just a cool party track for y'all...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-18-2009. (House): "Let's Buy Happiness (Proxy Remix)" - Boys Noize.

Tell me you don't think of fashion shows when you hear this track. Seriously, that is all I see in my head whenever I hear it. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-17-2009. (Dubstep): "The Future" - Trolley Snatcha

When I listen to this, I see a Montage in my head. The kind of Montage where something big is about to pop off, and everyone is around a table planning it, then getting all their supplies and making sure their guns are loaded and whatnot. I dunno man...thats just how my mind works when I listen to music...I visualize shit...Enjoy it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

7-12-2010 - Today's Hotness (Dubstep): "Hide and Seek (Roksonix Remix): - Imogen Heap.

One of my DJ friends tipped me off to this one earlier...and I was really feelin' this remix. Enjoy it, Y'all!

Facebook Archives: 12-16-2009. (Chiptune): "43% Burnt (8-bit Remix)" - Dillinger Escape Plan.

I was looking for the original and got this...and I'm still listenin' to it oddly good. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-15-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Crackdown (Shock One Remix)" - Brookes Brothers.

Amazing fucking remix. This one gets you on the dance floor with the quickness! Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 12-14-2009. (Whatever): "Shut Me Up" - Mindless Self Indulgence.

One of the few tracks of theirs that I actually like a lot. This is also the "Battle Anthem" of Ryan Helgeson, A.K.A. "Tilt.EXE". Enjoy It.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

7-11-2010 - Today's Hotness (Reggae): "Rude Boy Rock" - Lionrock.

Some of that Dancehall shit for y'all. This one takes me back a bit...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-13-2009. (Techno): "Helter Skelter" - Meat Beat Manifesto.

Enjoy it, I gotta go back to work!

Facebook Archives: 12-12-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Candy (Camo & Krooked Remix)" - Audio Affinity feat. Juelz.

Really good remix right here...while it has the lyrics of a pop song, it retains its pop sensibilities while adding a more aggressive yet danceable beat by Camo & Krooked. Enjoy it.

Facebook Archives: 12-11-2009. (Hip Hop): "Around The Way Girl" - LL Cool J

Y'see, when Matt and I are at work, we spout off pop culture reference after pop culture reference. For some unknown reason, Matt busted out this song, and I chimed in with the high pitched sample (because I can actually go high) yeah...thats what happened. Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 12-11-2009. (Metal): "Black Cloud" - Converge.

It's (C)Hanukah...Dan is Jewish...I wanna wish all my Jewish peeps a Happy (C)Hanukah. Why this track to do it? I remember Dan had it on his myspace at one point and I really liked here it is. Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 12-11-2009. (House-ish Rock): "We Are Rockstars" - Does it Offend You, Yeah?

No, really, thats the bands fucking name...but this is a pretty badass track. Enjoy it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

7-8-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Blind Cobblers Thumb" - Futurebound & Jaquan.

Classic Drum & Bass track right here. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-4-2009. (Hip Hop): "Paine (Pain At INdustry Expense)" - Freddie Foxxx & DJ Premiere

This shit goes SO HARD. You have no idea. Y'know...everytime I come across someone that tells me or just says out loud that they don't like rap, I always look at them funny. No other genre brings about that reaction from, anyways, enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-2-2009. (House): "Stronger (A-Trak Remix)" - Kanye West.

I was stayin' at Ryan Francos and couldn't sleep so I was watching Season 2 of the Dave Chappelle show and Kanye was the musical guest like 3 fuckin' times that season and Kanye is synonymous with Mandey-fuckin'-Mothersbaugh in my Bam, that explains the track of the day. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 12-1-2009. (House / Hip Hop): "It's Like That" - Jason Nevins vs. RUN DMC.

From the AMP days...posting it because the video is awesome...I LOVE Breakin'...but the track itself is pretty damn badass. So, since it's B-Boys vs. B-Girls...who do you think did better? DEBATE IT! As for the rest...Enjoy it!

P.S. Chi-town peeps, do you know Steve Byczek? This video is where he got his AIM screen name, "AirTracking". the bushy haired white dude that starts out headbanging does it. It's an awesome move, so no wonder he used it as a screen name.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

7-7-2010 - Today's Hotness (Hip Hop): "100% Dundee" - The Roots

My homeboy, Eph, tipped me off on this track, and I have to say it's pretty fuckin' sick. Enjoy this one!

Facebook Archives: 11-30-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Just Be" - A Sides feat. Deeizm

I was just talkin' with one of my newer awesome friends, Katie...and she said, "People need to learn how to just be." and then I was like BAM! Track of the day is thank her, and Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-29-2009. (House): "Revolution 909" - Daft Punk

This is not the story of an Underground Rave. This is not the story of the cops busting it. This is the story of a piece of Tomato...I am not joking. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-28-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Everyday" - Netsky

This banger is fuckin' BEAUTIFUL...pump your bass up, turn the volume up, break it THE FUCK down! Enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7-6-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Vanilla" - Qumulus.

Soothing melody, Serious beats, Soulful vocals, and a Sick bassline. Get the fuck down on this track and enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-27-2009. (Hip Hop / Rock): "DaiKenKai" - Des-Row

It's the day after thanksgiving and so many people stuffed themselves silly, so now they wonder if they fucked up their diets and need to double up on losing the weight again. My friends and I used to go to Fun-Plex back in Houston and stomp out all the food with many sets of DDR. Enjoy It!

(EDIT: originally, I had posted the shortened mix as it appears in DDR, this is actually the full version of that same track.)

Facebook Archives: 11-26-2009. (House): "Cassius 1999 (Radio Edit)" - Cassius

Another Classic from the AMP days...can't help but groove out to this one time and time again. Happy thanksgiving y'all...Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 11-25-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Diamonds Shine" - UTOPIA.

This track reminds me of Natalia of the most beautiful people I know, Period. Enjoy It!

(Edit: This is a slightly different mix than the version I had posted on Facebook. I can't seem to find a good version of the original...what the fuck.)

Monday, July 5, 2010

7-5-2010 - Today's Hotness (Pop): "Everything's Just Wonderful" - Lily Allen.

Shopping mall music mixed with cynical smartassed lyrics. A classic track right here...y'all enjoy this one!

Facebook Archives: 11-24-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Chainsaw" - Fresh.

So there's this cool chick I know named EJ. She's dating a cool dude named Kris. Today is EJ's birthday, and a while back, I dubbed her Chainsaw.EXE...because I had a particular theme going with a certain group of people. This track is where the name came from...Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-23-2009. (House): "What What in the Butt (Bloody Beetroots Remix)" - Samwell

If you just randomly heard this somewhere, you wouldn't have even known it was supposed to be a remix of that song...Thats the power of EDM...making a remix of a song so hard it's as if it's another song completely. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-22-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Under the Sun (Bungle Remix)" - Screamheads feat. Camila Andrade

It's gettin' colder and colder out in a lot of places...and we gotta stay warm. Think warm thoughts with this summer-inspired track. Enjoy It!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

7-4-2010 - Today's Hotness (House): "Fly Mecha Butterfly" - Boto

Someone hit me up on Youtube with this track, so I gave it a listen. It's very well done and I feel like Boto has potential (this is a debut), so don't sleep on this one! Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-21-2009. (Funk): "Amen, Brother" - The Winstons.

Everyone with ANY interest in music needs to hear this track, for it is THIS TRACK that contains one of the most sampled drum breaks EVER. You have heard this break at some point in your not deny it. 1:28 is where it begins. The most influential 6 seconds to music. Ladies and Gentlemen...the "Amen Break" (NOTE: The Freestylers basically made a remix of this track called "Breaker Beats Pt. 1") Enjoy it, and GET YOUR LEARN ON.

Facebook Archives: 11-20-2009. (Dubstep): "Set Me Free (Reso Remix)" - Drop the Lime.

So fuckin' chill and yet so fuckin' deep. I love this fuckin' track, and I'm sure you will too. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-13-2009. (Dubstep): "Shaolin Style" - Bar 9.

Wu Tang wishes they got on this shit. Sick ass kung fu samples and an ominous track...Shaolin Monk Training Montage, perhaps? I need sleep. Enjoy it!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

7-3-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Surprise" - Culture Shock feat. Furlonge.

Badass new track from Culture Shock...this one should be quite the banger, if it isn't already. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-12-2009. (Drum & Bass): "No Matter What" - Mistabishi.

I have a friend that goes by the name of Kitty...she'd say this track was "Epic Fucking Win" we're just going to go with that because it is the correct opinion to have on such a great track as this. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-11-2009. (House): "Caller" - Alex Metric.

Roll your windows down and turn your music up and Break it down and fuck it up! Enjoy It!

Facebook Archives: 11-10-2009. (Drum & Bass): "Street Hawk" - Crystal Clear & Cabbie.

One of my personal favorites, I'd definitely consider it in the running for "Riot.EXE Battle Anthem". Really dance-able and interesting use of the TV Show sample. (I looked it up, Street Hawk = Knight Rider on a Motorcycle). Enjoy It!

Friday, July 2, 2010

7-2-2010 - Today's Hotness (Techno): "Badlands" - Squaresoft Sound Team.

Off of the game, "Einhander", this was the background music for the second stage, where you had to do battle alongside a heavily armed train! Such a great game with an amazing soundtrack to accompany the action...enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-9-2009. (Dubstep): "ILL" - Chasing Shadows.

How would one dance to Dubstep anyways? I can't figure it out other than "bobbing to the beat a bit" whatever...this is one sick ass track. Enjoy It!

(Time Traveling Edit: I noticed you can liquid to it.)

Facebook Archives: 11-8-2009. (Digital Hardcore): "Chaos Step" - The Mad Capsule Markets.

Raw and unforgiving...this is indeed Chaos at its finest. Thank you, Kenji Tasaka. Enjoy it! (NOTE: Official Battle Anthem of Jasmine Medina a.k.a. Chaos.EXE)

Facebook Archives: 11-6-2009. (Hip Hop): "Judgement Day" - Method Man.

Fuck you, this track is the hotness FOREVER! FOR-EVER-EVER! You cannot deny the amount of badass this track gives off. Enjoy it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

7-1-2010 - Today's Hotness (Drum & Bass): "Human Nature (Makoto & Specialist Remix)" - Michael Jackson.

A classic MJ track, and a badass remix that does it right. Enjoy it!

Facebook Archives: 11-5-2009. (Indie): "The Reeling" - Passion Pit.

Uh...yeah, so I was in the basement about to work out and then I turn on the TV and it was on MTV already and this track was already on and I wound up really liking it. So...Enjoy it.

Facebook Archives: 11-4-2009. (60's Psychadelic Style?): "Kelly, Watch the Stars" - Air.

These guys are pretty badass...and the track has a nice groove to it. Wonder if Air is still making music...Remember that one movie, "The Virgin Suicides"? Air scored the entire soundtrack for the movie. Remember that Chemical Brothers track I posted? The chick playing "Janet" was Sophia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppolas Daughter...She directed "The Virgin Suicides". IT ALL COMES TOGETHER! Enjoy it!